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Minnesota’s Rich History in the Debate over Nuclear Energy

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John Tuma’s Capitol Update – The Pre-Session Version Most Minnesotans think the nuclear debate in Minnesota began with the 1994 battle dealing with the storage of nuclear waste in dry casks at Prairie Island just outside of Red Wing. The essential result of that debate was the compromise allowing limited storage of nuclear waste in… Read more »

Midwesterners in Copenhagen

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Want to learn more about the climate talks happening in Copenhagen, December 7-18? Watch videos, read tweets and blogs, and look at photos of the events, all from Midwesterners in Denmark this month. Check out the Will Steger Foundation’s website and RE-AMP’s collection of information. Recommend on Facebook Share on google plus Tweet about it

More on the President’s Proposed Budget

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The budget proposal released by President Obama last week is a long and complicated document (140 pages, PDF).  It departs significantly from how things have been done in the past in many regards, so it will take a while for conservation and environmental groups to fully assess its implications on environmental policies. Recommend on Facebook… Read more »

What does the stimulus plan mean for our Great Outdoors?

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While Minnesotans offer their ideas on how to deal with the massive state budget deficit at community hearings throughout the state in the next few weeks, we should take time to reflect on how recent federal actions will impact our Great Outdoors. Recommend on Facebook Share on google plus Tweet about it

Not sure where your candidates for Congress stand on energy issues? Ask them!

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by Carin Skoog, global warming solutions coordinator, Fresh Energy Just this morning (Thursday, August 21st), the 3rd Congressional district candidates for Congress squared off in their first debate. Hosted by the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce at General Mills Headquarters, this early morning event was attended by more than 250 business leaders from around the district…. Read more »

New climate justice report urges fair climate policy solutions

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by Erin Stojan Ruccolo, program coordinator, Fresh Energy As consideration of the finer mechanics of a regional cap and trade program are underway through the Midwestern Governor’s Association, a recently released report by Redefining Progress and Environmental Justice and Climate Change Intiative, outlines the elements of equitable climate policy.  The paper, “A Climate of Change,”… Read more »

Science Debate 2008: 14 questions the candidates should answer about science and America’s future

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By J. Drake Hamilton, science policy director, Fresh Energy Is America losing its competitive edge in science, medicine, engineering, and energy? According to a June 2008 poll conducted on behalf of Scientists and Engineers for America, 85 percent of Americans want Presidential candidates to debate science issues. Voters want public policy decisions to be based… Read more »

Is it Practical to Plug into the Prairie?

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When Ron Bowen planted his first prairie for a landowner over three decades ago, the client’s motivation was pretty clear. “The main question was, ‘Is it pretty?’ It was an ornamental prairie,” recalls Bowen, the founder and owner of Minnesota-based Prairie Restorations, Inc. But Bowen knew the benefits of prairie ecosystems were more than skin… Read more »

Maria Energia Goes to Texas

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Blogger Maria Surma Manka (Maria Energia to her readers) was invited by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) to cover their WINDPOWER 2008 conference in Houston during the first week of June. Recommend on Facebook Share on google plus Tweet about it