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What are you getting?

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Here’s a little Christmas cartoon for your enjoyment, courtesy of MEP member group Clean Up the River Environment. (click for the full image) Recommend on Facebook Share on google plus Tweet about it

Counting Calories in Agriculture

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A common argument in favor of large-scale industrialized agriculture is that it is just plain more efficient, and thus deserves to succeed. But measured by the amount of energy it takes to produce each calorie of food, the industrial farming system is anything but a lean, mean food-producing machine. In 1940, the average U.S. farm… Read more »


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Hi folks – welcome to Loon Commons. Thank you for joining in with this experiment.  As you will hopefully notice while looking around the site, we are working to make this a forum for discussion and information sharing on current and emerging environmental and conservation issues in Minnesota.  To start this off, we will be… Read more »