When a picture is worth more than 1,000 words

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by Lynne Bly, Transportation Policy Director, Fresh Energy
Don’t you sometimes have the sense that if only the folks we policy wonk types are trying to persuade about the consequences of global warming could grasp the magnitude of change or really see its impacts, we’d be making faster progress toward solving the problem? We summarize data, prepare charts, and work hard to inform, but sometimes pictures make a visceral connection our words can’t.

Prix Pictet is a prestigious new international photography contest that poses this challenge:  effectively communicate visually about sustainability issues. The theme for this first year is water—from floods, to drought, to rising seas.

While the winner won’t be announced until the end of October, the submitted photos of finalists are available to view. The images are extraordinary—powerful, troubling, effective.

Take a look. There are 18 shortlisted finalists, and you can review the portfolios of each.

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