2018 Legislative Session

While we anticipate a large share of our coalition’s time will be spent working defensively this session, we’re excited about the coalition’s transformative community priorities. We’re living in a time of transition on two important fronts:

  1. Solar and Wind that Power our Lives: The renewable energy standard we set in 2007 will easily be achieved and Minnesota energy companies will get 25% or more of their energy from renewables by 2025. Some power companies are blowing past their benchmarks – because renewables bring real economic value. The wind power Xcel Energy is bringing online is cheaper than their lowest-cost coal plant. Our job is to set a new vision that goes further and fosters the electrification of all of our energy sectors, hastening our transition from fossil fuels to the fuels of the future.
  2. High Efficiency Farming that Protects Our Water: Incorporating perennials and new cash cover crops into existing cropping systems is highly effective at keeping nitrates, phosphorous and sediment from entering our rivers, lakes, and drinking water. Perennials can also increase profitable options for farmers, improve soil health, provide habitat for wildlife and pollinators, and sequester carbon. At the same time that dozens of Minnesota communities are struggling to mitigate elevated nitrate levels in their drinking water, farmers around the state are showing that perennials can stack benefits for their operations and their communities. Now, we need to bring these practices to a scale that improves the air and water all the way from private wells in the countryside to our more than 10,000 lakes across the state. 

Our coalition’s collaborative priorities address these issues and more. There are win-win solutions to our most pressing problems, and MEP will continue to mobilize the environmental and conservation community during this legislative session and beyond.



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