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Governor Vetos Two Good Biofuels Provisions

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The Governor signed the Agriculture Finance Omnibus Bill last Friday and while the press release talks about how it is good for energy and the environment (and some of it is), it neglects to mention that he line-item vetoed two funding items supported by Clean Energy Minnesota (CEM) to encourage better fuel sources for ethanol.

Climate change is a hot topic for the State

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Everywhere you turn these days the topic of climate change is inescapable. Whether it’s Diesel jeans touting its denim in a cheeky, albeit actually very unfunny, advertising campaign, the seemingly daily announcements of businesses touting their “greenness” — Home Depot has an “eco options” campaign, Best Buy sells energy efficient appliances while Wal-Mart touts its… Read more »

The Maroon & Gold Takes a Hard Look at Yellow Gold

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I don’t expect to find hard-hitting journalism in an alumni magazine. But there big as Goldie Gopher’s buck teeth in the January-February issue of the U of M’s Minnesota Magazine is an article called Five Reasons Corn Ethanol Won’t Save the Planet. Apparently, at least one prominent alum was caught off guard by the article… Read more »

Biofuels & the Factory Field Mentality

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The sports section of the Sunday Star Tribune included a short article with some big ramifications when it comes to creating a sustainable landscape while developing real energy security. It turns out some key agricultural leaders in Congress are realizing that focusing soley on corn ethanol as our energy savior is economically and environmentally short-sighted…. Read more »