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End of Session Update 2020

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As my MEP colleague Matt Doll said, the end of this legislative session brought more of a comma than a period.  A few important things in the environment and conservation arena were accomplished, but much is left to do in anticipated special sessions coming this summer.  Here’s where we stand at this point:  ·     … Read more »

We stand together around shared priorities

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Minnesota’s Great Outdoors is more than just the beautiful natural spaces, clean lakes, prairie lands and forests. It’s about the health and vitality of our people and communities. The coalition members of the Minnesota Environmental Partnership believe that economic prosperity and environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive. They go hand in hand. Our state’s growth… Read more »

Legislature gives all for mining industry, but workers are next target anyway

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Times are tough for workers in Minnesota’s mining industry. Low prices for metals have led to layoffs and plant closures that have affected more than 1,500 mine workers. Now, the United Steelworkers are locked in contentious contract negotiations. According to news reports, US Steel wants to end retiree health benefits and significantly increase health care… Read more »

Minnesota Environmental Partnership Issues Statement on Revised Ag and Environment Bill

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Saint Paul, Minn. (June 5, 2015) — Earlier today, the Minnesota Legislature released a revised version of the Ag and Environment Budget Bill, following Governor Dayton’s veto of the bill on May 23. The Governor vetoed the bill citing the many roll backs on Minnesota’s environmental protections. The Minnesota Environmental Partnership (MEP) and its 70… Read more »

23 DFL Senators Calling for Preservation of MPCA Citizens Board are Supported by 2012 EQB Study No One Got to Hear About

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Late on the night of Saturday, May 16, language was inserted into the conference committee report on HF 846, the Agriculture and Environment Finance Bill, eliminating the 48-year old MPCA Citizens Board. A bill to substantially reduce the authority of the Citizens Board (HF 1394) was previously heard in the House, but its companion was… Read more »

Legislature misses the mark on environmental issues; advocates urge Governor to stand his ground

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May 18, 2015, St. Paul, Minn – As the Minnesota Legislature prepares to adjourn later today, it’s clear that the outcomes of this Session will be marked by steps backward and missed opportunities for the precious Great Outdoors Minnesotans value dearly. “When we ask Minnesotans what they value most about our state, they talk about… Read more »

2012’s Environmental Gains and Losses

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By Steve Morse, executive director of MEP Now that the 2012 Legislative session has ended and the commotion about the stadium has somewhat subsided, let’s look back at what our elected leaders did on some issues that garnered less press, but faced significant threats: Minnesota’s water and Great Outdoors. Sadly, for those keeping score, the… Read more »

Gov’s signing of Enviro, Game and Fish bills disappointing

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Statement by Steve Morse, executive director of the Minnesota Environmental Partnership Omnibus Environment and Game and Fish Bills’ passage further chips away at Minnesota’s environmental foundation Legislative Approval of Rules Bill (HF 203) Governor Dayton’s veto of this bill is good news for Minnesotans. With the Governor’s veto, a very real restriction and defacto moratorium… Read more »

Coalition letter to Gov. Dayton about three environmental bills

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On May 1, members of the Minnesota Environmental Partnership sent the following letter to Governor Mark Dayton: Dear Governor Dayton, As you know, this Legislature has made a number of efforts to weaken environmental protections in this state.  Your staff and staff from the MPCA, DNR, and BWSR have done a great deal to eliminate… Read more »