Become a Member

MEP was founded in 1998 by advocates who know we can do more together than we can alone. Today, MEP supports a coalition of 70+ member organizations through education, public organizing, media campaigns, legislation, and research. We’re passionate about environmental stewardship, and we provide the leadership and resources to make our community of advocates stronger.

Membership Matters

Member organizations have access to resources and contribute to an engaged network of Minnesotans that are working together to protect our natural resources. Together, our member organizations have a stronger voice, and MEP provides a vital forum for our members to convene, collaborate, and communicate on critical issues affecting our Great Outdoors. Members have the opportunity to engage in cluster working groups that currently focus on water, pollinators, energy and climate, mining, transportation, and the Great Lakes.

Two Tiers of Membership

Associate Level Benefit Highlights:

  • Participation in clusters and collaboration on issues.
  • Invitations to member events and community trainings.
  • Ability to submit news and job listings and promote your organization in News Watch, Environmental Insider, the Loon Commons Blog, and social media.

Partner Level Benefit Highlights:

  • Leadership of clusters and Government Relations Committee steering teams.
  • Access to detailed information from our public opinion poll, including expert analysis, complete briefing, and message guidance.
  • Free access to our Action Alert Network and training to help you mobilize a broader engage public.
  • Highlighted as a Partner with your logo in the annual MEP Briefing Book, which is presented to all state legislators, the executive office, partner agencies, state media, and made available to the public.
  • Free access to MEP’s conference room and press release distribution to our statewide list.

Learn more about our member benefits and dues structure here.

To be eligible for membership in MEP, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) nonprofit and have an active commitment to the conservation or enhancement of the natural environment. If you’re interested in joining our coalition, please contact Matt Doll at

Ready to apply? Download the Membership Application Form.