MEP Cluster Contact: Theresa Thompson-Nix, Move Minnesota,

Transportation touches all of our lives in Minnesota. How we get to school, work, and the other places we need to go, how it affects our air, health, and climate, and how it impacts us economically is deeply important to all of us.

It is our number one contributor to carbon emissions – meaning it is our number one opportunity to do better for ourselves and for the planet. The majority of these emissions come from cars, light trucks, and SUVs – the vehicles that Minnesotans primarily use to get around on a day-to-day basis.

In part, that’s because our transportation network is built around a one-person-in-one-car outlook – for too many people, it’s costly or difficult to use alternative modes. Electric vehicles are part of our transportation future, but building out more sustainable modes is deeply important.

The Goal: Achieve solutions to make sure Minnesotans can get where they need to go in affordable, healthy, and sustainable ways.

How to Get There:

  • Prevent future cuts to transit service. Fixing the projected Metro Transit funding gap and create a long-term solution that fully funds transit in the metro area can protect and expand clean transportation access for millions of Minnesotans of all abilities.
  • Fund overdue improvements. Investing in bus rapid transit, electric buses, and frequent service will make transit ever more convenient for Minnesotans
  • Meet growing needs in Greater Minnesota. Investing in all aspects of Greater Minnesota’s transit operations will help communities thrive and grow sustainably throughout the state.
  • Support active transportation options. By dedicating resources to grow safe and connected bicycling and walking infrastructure and programs around the state, we can encourage sustainable commuting and make it easy for Minnesotans to choose healthy options to get around.


2019 Minnesota Environmental Partnership Environmental Briefing Book


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