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Clean water or jobs? Both, but only with strong regulation

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Ely, Minnesota has been an environmental battlefield for decades. Ely was founded as an iron mining town, and a century later, conflicts today focus on mining. The conflict came to a head last month at a meeting of the St. Louis County board of commissioners in Ely. Commissioners were hearing testimony about a proposed resolution… Read more »

Denying the Science, Derailing the Solutions

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I talked to a Todd County farmer yesterday who uses 100 percent no-till  and other conservation measures to raise his crops. Conserving soil is important to him, and so he’s quite upset at how mobile humus has been on neighboring farms this fall/early winter. “You know that little skiff of snow we got the other… Read more »

Mixed blessings from super ships

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On my walk to work, I cross Duluth’s iconic Aerial Lift Bridge. During the shipping season, my commute can be seriously disrupted by traffic…shipping traffic that is. The span of the bridge is nearly as long as a city block, and when a boat comes off of Lake Superior, the entire span raises up about… Read more »