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manure and water

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I have been wondering lately what kind of conversations are going on inside the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) about animal waste. Admittedly, not a topic I spend a lot of time thinking about, but they’ve been giving me reason to the past couple of weeks.

Water Propheting

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Lame attempt at a clever headline?  Yes.  But that doesn’t make the topic of privatizing water and the people who talk about it any less important (though the expression “privatizing water” doesn’t exactly make it sexy either). The cover issue of this week’s Pulse Magazine is all about bottled water and the commodification of a public good.  It… Read more »

Farming’s Other Public Goods

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All this week, the Star Tribune has been running an excellent series of editorials on the relationship between farming, farm policy and water quality. One key point the editorials make is that in order to attain significant improvements in water quality, we don’t need to make the entire Minnesota River watershed into a pristine wilderness… Read more »


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Hi folks – welcome to Loon Commons. Thank you for joining in with this experiment.  As you will hopefully notice while looking around the site, we are working to make this a forum for discussion and information sharing on current and emerging environmental and conservation issues in Minnesota.  To start this off, we will be… Read more »