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Does the Senate DFL want a legacy of clean water?

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The Senate DFL likes to talk about the need to clean up our lakes and rivers.  We are, after all, the land of 10,000 lakes and photos of algae filled lakes and stories of sick children don’t really bring in the tourist dollars.  But I’m beginning to feel more and more that the Senate DFL caucus might just be all… Read more »

Newly Announced Conservation Legacy Council: What Is It?

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We’ve got the Legislative Citizens Committee on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) and in August Governor Pawlenty signed an executive order creating the Conservation Legacy Council (CLC). The LCCMR comprises 10 legislative representatives and seven citizen members; CLC comprises 11 citizens nominated by the governor and four legislative representatives. All this seems to beg the question: Do… Read more »

If the environmental budget falls in the forest…

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The Minnesota Department of Finance has released their latest budget forcast for Minnesota’s government.  Essentially, these folks make an educated estimate of how tax revenues are coming in, how government spending is proceeding, and comparing all of that to the budget that lawmakers set in 2005 and updated last May.  This info will then be used… Read more »

New analysis on environmental funding

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The Minnesota League of Conservation Voters Education Fund has just released a new report of environmental funding on the state level.  In this update, the League continues their indepth analysis of how our state tax and fee dollars are spent on conservation and environmental issues. Interested in knowing what the budget priorities are?  How has environmental funding faired over… Read more »

Conservation Legacy Council

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Governor Pawlenty, by Executive Order, has created a new taskforce charged with providing the Governor with recommendations on “matters relating to the development of a sustainable governance and funding model which will create a lasting legacy for the conservation, protection and enhancement of the state’s natural resources and which will establish Minnesota as the nation’s leading conservation… Read more »