And the winner is…

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The Department of Natural Resources has announced the new design for the third Reinvest In Minnesota critical habitat license plate.  It’s a fish.

Image of winning Critical Habitat plate.

If you care to get up close and personal with the details, a high-resolution version of the image can be downloaded with this link.

2 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. the dharma bum

    I voted Moose and was hoping for Wolf, so I was initially disappointed by this selection. But then I realized… with fishing being our state’s near-official pastime, maybe this one will find a lot of takers, which means more money for the DNR, which is a good thing.

    Even though I’ll be sticking with my two-color deer plates (which I probably would have done no matter which one had been selected), I’m hopeful these plates might pay for another couple thousand acres conserved or some such thing.