Water usage in the Cities

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An article by the Pioneer Press’s Dennis Lien highlights a new report on drinking water usage in Minnesota:

[The report] said Ramsey, a relatively small county geographically that contains St. Paul, appears to be using 135 percent of its renewable water supplies, suggesting it is drawing on water from adjoining counties. Hennepin appears to be using 72 percent, with Dakota and Washington counties using 62 percent.

By 2030, Ramsey and Washington counties are both projected to be pumping reserves faster than they can be replaced (177 percent and 172 percent), leading to possible aquifer drawdowns and lower stream, lake and wetlands levels.  

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  1. Dave Dempsey

    This is a good reason for 1) asserting public control over the commercial sale of Minnesota’s public water resources and 2) a strong state initiative to promote water conservation, particularly in the Metro. Volume-based pricing (beyond basic amounts needed for subsistence and typical household use) might also encourage water thrift.


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