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Minnesota weather is getting weirder

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Matt Doll, Minnesota Environmental Partnership Most people in Minnesota have heard the famous phrase about our weather patterns. “We have two seasons, winter and road construction.” It’s not literally true, of course, but it feels that way, with snowstorms showing up for the first taste of winter in October and the last in May. Though… Read more »

CAFO Settlement Tells Us What We Already Knew

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It was already good news for our state’s water when the Legislature killed a proposal that would have exempted many of our largest factory farms from getting NPDES permits. But when the EPA announced this week that it was significantly changing its regulatory relationship with factory farms, it became clear not passing House File 2659… Read more »

How to ‘Deal’ with NRCS, Drain a Wetland & Erode More Soil

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While driving in southern Minnesota this week, I gazed upon acre-after-acre of  black fields—a sign that despite a wet fall, a lot of intense tillage took place before the snow flew a few months ago. Such tillage not only gives crop farmers a jump-start on the spring planting season, it also provides a nice cover… Read more »