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Buffer Initiative: It Will Help Protect Water & is Flexible Enough to Meet Farmer Needs

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By George Boody Governor Mark Dayton announced in January his proposal to require an additional 125,000 acres of perennial vegetation along lakes, rivers and streams. There is a long history of utilizing such living borders to filter out fertilizers and herbicides, while fortifying streambanks and reducing the amount of eroded soil that ends up in… Read more »

Teaming With Soil Microbes (part 2)

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Talking about the importance of feeding soil microbes is fine. Speaking with your feet is even better. “Take a closer look—anything you tramp down is just carbon in the soil,” quips soil conservationist Jay Fuhrer on a Friday afternoon in early September. As he says this, he’s beckoning some 120 farmers and others to follow… Read more »

Monochemicals + Monocrops = Mucho Problems

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The National Research Council’s announcement this week that “genetically engineered crops benefit many farmers” and is in general good for the environment came with a big fat caveat: overuse of GMO products like Roundup Ready corn and soybeans threatens to undermine any potential benefits while creating unforeseen problems. That’s why the scientists who authored the… Read more »