Randy Kelly goes to Washington

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The Pioneer Press is reporting that former St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly has been named “deputy associate administrator for intergovernmental affairs” for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  (titles like that make me appreciate where small-government advocates are coming from). 

I’m a little stunned…

Individuals who support environmental protection worked hard against Randy Kelly’s reelection, so much so that Mayor Chris Coleman felt compelled to pledge during his campaign to appoint a cabinent level position related to environment protection – which he quickly did after the election.  

I feel a little sad for the person who has to write the press release justifying this appointment. 

5 Responses to “Randy Kelly goes to Washington”

  1. Dave Dempsey

    This is a surprise, to be sure. Not that Kelly got a thank-you appointment, but that he got this one. Is there a job description out there for the deputy associate administrator for intergovernmental affairs? Maybe he can help EPA do a better job of supporting local government environmental efforts.

  2. tom

    I was never a Kelly fan, but my opinion of him isn’t so low that I don’t think he would try to do a good job wherever he is placed, that is, I don’t think he’s wholly owned by anybody. Keeping an eye on him could reveal a lot about the current state of the EPA. He may try to show some spine to get back into the good graces of the voting public…or not.

  3. Jon

    I too have no reason to believe that Randy Kelly won’t work hard in the position. Given his skill set and background though, this particular appointment comes as a bit of a surprise. Most folks I talked to about this over the weekend responded with something along the lines of, “whaaaaaaaaa?”

  4. tom

    A friend pointed out to me that about a year ago they were going to put him on the Surface Transportation Board. That apparently also elicited plenty of “whaaaaa?” type reactions as well.


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