PolyMet mine site identified as important habitat

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News from Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness:

The PolyMet mine site was identified as important habitat by the Forest Service and the DNR in the late 1990s, as part of the Superior National Forest Plan revision process.

For more information, visit the Friends website.

2 Responses to “PolyMet mine site identified as important habitat”

  1. bill opsahl

    Why are you posting this “information” at this time?

    The Minnesota Legislature has ended it’s 2009 session… what do you have in mind by posting this well-known information?

  2. Erin

    We were just passing on information that one of our member groups shared with us.

    Since the Environmental Impact Statement for the PolyMet proposal is expected later this summer, it seemed this information could be helpful to individuals and groups planning to review the EIS.


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