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I wasn’t kidding when I said that this would be a busy week.  In addition to all the bill hearings (for outcomes, see John Tuma’s update this week) and a stellar Citizens Day, we had two bill signings.  It is quite impressive that two of the first three bills passed this year by the legislature have been on the environment (and part of the collaborative Protect Our Great Outdoors initiative).  To boot, I spent yesterday in Milwaukee with advocates from all of the Great Lakes states who are working to pass the Compact in their state.  They were quite happy that Minnesota has taken action and the race is on for the silver medal.

Speaking of the Compact, here are a couple of photos from the bill signing that occurred on Tuesday:(click for a larger image):

Compact lawmakers at signing
From Left to Right: Sen. Anne Rest (chief author is Senate), Rep. Dennis Ozment, Governor Pawlenty, Kent Lokkesmoe (DNR, Compact advocate for many years now), and Rep. Tom Huntley (chief author in House).

Compact being signed 

Compact supporters and lawmakers

Additional people in this photo include Martha Brand, executive director of Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy; Steve Morse, executive director of MEP; and Duluth Mayor Herb Bergsen. 

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