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Climate change is a daunting challenge, but Minnesota still has healthy choices

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By Robert Moffitt, American Lung Association This post originally appeared in MinnPost We see evidence of climate disruption every day, right in our own backyard. The ragweed pollen season has increased by over two weeks in the past 15 years, causing plenty of discomfort to those with allergies. Extreme weather events and changes to the… Read more »

Student Voices Series: It’s time for Minnesotan utilities to see the bigger picture

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The Minnesota Environmental Partnership is proud to feature the following post as part of a series of columns as part of a Student Voices Series issues. This is part of a continuing collaboration with Macalester College’s Geography Department and its students. Actions have consequences. Take the example of an adolescent who sets off fireworks in his… Read more »

Taking steps to curb climate change would have a big impact on public health

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Too often, health impacts are left out of the conversation on climate change. That is unfortunate, because climate change threatens our ability to protect Minnesotans against the dangers of air pollution and increased allergens and asthma triggers linked to warmer summers, extreme weather and smoke from wildfires. This is especially true of the most vulnerable… Read more »

Lecture on ‘confounding problem’ of nitrogen pollution

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Nitrogen. It makes up three-fourths of the air all around us. It cascades through our environment between land, water and the atmosphere. It is critical to agricultural production that feeds the world. And it is a byproduct of all the fossil fuels we consume. In the United States, we put five times more nitrogen into… Read more »