Broadcasting Herbicides on MPR

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In case you haven’t noticed, Monsanto has been targeting media consumers lately with an ad campaign that declares its pesticides and genetically-engineered products the best friends sustainable agriculture ever had. Now it’s getting the word out over the airwaves, notably by sponsoring programming on Public Radio. Here in Minnesota, the frequency with which Public Radio’s listeners are treated to Monsanto’s feel-good message makes one wonder: does MPR now stand for Monsanto Private Radio?

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  1. Tim G

    There are other sponsors that begin with the letter “M” other than Monsanto, so I believe you should calm down slightly. Herbicides and GE products are not baseball and apple pie, but both have benefited from these technologies. I do farm and use both herbicides and GE seeds. I grew up on a farm as well and I recall the year when a herbicide for soybeans became available for use on my Dad’s farm. We were such happy children knowing that we would not have to spend countless hours ‘walking beans’ and pulling weeds by hand. We could then spend some of our summer time doing recreational things that children that just ate food could do. I wonder if I should discontinue my use of herbicides and re-plan my wife’s and three boys’ summer vacation activities. How busy are you this summer Brian?

  2. Atina Diffley


    I returned my annual renewal request to public radio stating that I will not renew my financial support until Monsanto’s ad is terminated. Perhaps we should get a movement going on this. I can barely stand to listen to the lie one more time. and have stopped listening to MPR and NPR.



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