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A few items to note recently from the blogosphere:

Dave Dempsey pointed out an EPA report giving the health of the Great Lakes “mixed reviews”.  Reportedly on the plus side, Lake Trout in Superior are naturally reproducing more and there are less toxins than 30 years ago (is the ’70s really the appropriate benchmark?).  On the negative side, brominated flame retardants are more prevalent, less toxins and more fish still doesn’t eliminate consumption warnings, non-natives are still invading, and development remains a threat. 

Polinaut links to a Hotline post on the changing voting patters of the Hook and Bullet crowd between 2004 and 2006.  They too voted more democratic last Fall, but only for candidates who were strong on conservation.  Hope the politicians are listening there.

And Minnesota Monitor has a quick look at the environmental outcomes from the 2007 legislative session. 

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