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Crop Insurance: Good Enough for Monsanto-Good Enough for Sustainable Ag

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From the fact-is-stranger-than-fiction department: In 2007, Monsanto talked the USDA’s Risk Management Agency into giving farmers a discount on crop insurance premiums if they planted the company’s triple-stacked GMO corn. Reportedly, some reviewers of the proposal raised concerns that the premium subsidy would unfairly benefit a single private company. But in the end, the USDA… Read more »

‘The most abused chemical we’ve ever had in agriculture.’

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Professor Don Huber is not a chemo-phobe — he just hates to see a product of science go to waste. LSP’s new five-part podcast on the plant pathologist’s discussion of Roundup/glyphosate makes that clear (click here to listen; it’s episodes 98-102). In the presentation, Huber comes across as a scientist who is profoundly disappointed that… Read more »

No-Till Farming’s Chemical Roadblock

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An alarming number of stories are appearing in the farm press about how Roundup-resistant weeds are forcing conservation tillage farmers to take a serious look at plowing up their fields—in effect throwing out years of soil building and soil protection with one pass of a steel shank. Nationally, such a return to the plow would… Read more »