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Our Nitrogen Pollution Solution? Livestock, Land & People

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By Jim VanDerPol In October, I told the Minnesota House Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Committee that we had begun to listen to our farm, an assertion lawmakers heard with some surprise. The occasion was testimony around the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s presentation of its “Nitrogen in Minnesota Surface Waters” report, which showed among… Read more »

Making Diversity on the Farm Pay its Own Way

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Long term sustainability of our soil requires farming systems that can not only keep soil in place, but also help it build its own resiliency. Such systems can’t just work on paper—they need to prove themselves agronomically and financially. And they need to prove it in places like western Minnesota’s Redwood County, a place where… Read more »

Introducing the Free Market to Animal Ag

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In June the USDA released a proposed rule to bolster  the ability of the federal government  to protect farmers against abuses by corporate meatpackers—in other words, inject a little free-market mentality into an industry that’s been just the opposite for far too long. The public has until Nov. 22 to comment on the proposal. But… Read more »