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Battling Diabetes on the Street & in the Garden

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One can almost detect the longing in Denise Crews’ voice when she describes what foods she misses the most since she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. “The hardest thing to give up was the fried chicken—Popeyes, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their biscuits. The grease,” Crews told me during a recent LSP podcast interview at a… Read more »

It’s Mostly Good News for Mpls. Urban Ag, But…

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By Anna Cioffi, Land Stewardship Project Overall, the results of yesterday’s Minneapolis Zoning and Planning Committee hearing were good news for urban agriculture in the city. That’s especially true considering that going into the hearing there were concerns that severe restrictions would be imposed on the ability of urban farmers to carry out even basic… Read more »

The Food Desert’s Hidden Oasis

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While spending time in western Minnesota’s Big Stone County recently, I came across a lot of talk about food deserts—those places where people don’t have good access to healthy, affordable food. But while interviewing LSP organizer Rebecca Terk for this week’s podcast, an interesting twist emerged: a type of food desert can exist even when… Read more »