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The (Growing) High Price of an Unreformed Crop Insurance Program

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By Adam Warthesen, Land Stewardship Project Just when you think the facts and figures around federal subsidized crop insurance can’t get any more outlandish, new numbers emerge exposing the out-of-control spending and lack of accountability for this area of farm policy. Earlier this month, USDA released the most recent data on crop insurance costs. It’s… Read more »

How Gov. Dayton Can Keep Pheasant Openers Part of Minnesota’s Future

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Minnesota’s first ever Governor’s Pheasant Opener next week couldn’t come at a better time in terms of highlighting the need for supporting working lands conservation. After Gov. Dayton has a chance to enjoy some of western Minnesota’s finest bird hunting, he should take part in an Oct. 15 Land Stewardship Project tour at nearby Moonstone… Read more »

Let the CSA Season Begin

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Longer days, shrinking snow drifts, missing motorists emerging from potholes—signs that spring is indeed nigh. Another hint that the growing season will actually make an appearance this year is that the 2010 Twin Cities CSA Directory is now available. Click here for the online version; call 612-722-6377 for the paper edition. Fifty-four farms are listed,… Read more »