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Crop Insurance: Good Enough for Monsanto-Good Enough for Sustainable Ag

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From the fact-is-stranger-than-fiction department: In 2007, Monsanto talked the USDA’s Risk Management Agency into giving farmers a discount on crop insurance premiums if they planted the company’s triple-stacked GMO corn. Reportedly, some reviewers of the proposal raised concerns that the premium subsidy would unfairly benefit a single private company. But in the end, the USDA… Read more »

Cashing in on Soil Quality

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Talk of how agriculture can improve soil quality seems to be popping up more frequently these days. Perhaps the most exciting recent mention was in an issue of Successful Farming magazine, which has produced an impressive package of stories called The Good Earth. Most of what’s in this package won’t be news to anyone who’s… Read more »

Denying the Science, Derailing the Solutions

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I talked to a Todd County farmer yesterday who uses 100 percent no-till  and other conservation measures to raise his crops. Conserving soil is important to him, and so he’s quite upset at how mobile humus has been on neighboring farms this fall/early winter. “You know that little skiff of snow we got the other… Read more »

No-Till Farming’s Chemical Roadblock

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An alarming number of stories are appearing in the farm press about how Roundup-resistant weeds are forcing conservation tillage farmers to take a serious look at plowing up their fields—in effect throwing out years of soil building and soil protection with one pass of a steel shank. Nationally, such a return to the plow would… Read more »