Special Delivery: Minnesotans Support Solar

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By Wade Underwood


Now that the legislative session is entering its second month, Sierrans are speaking up to support solar energy in Minnesota.  So far, the online effort of our members and supporters has been immense. Minnesota Representatives and Senators are being inundated with emails and petitions to pass a 10 percent solar standard.

To bolster that effort, we printed out over 1,200 solar petitions to hand-deliver them to legislators. Lugging that mountain of petitions up the front stairs of the Capitol was challenging, but also a hefty reminder of the widespread support for solar around Minnesota. Sierra Club volunteers then took action, dropping stacks of petitions in legislator’s mailboxes and putting grassroots pressure on our politicians to pass a 10 percent solar standard!


It’s not too late to send YOUR message supporting Minnesota’s clean energy future.  Take action today!


Photo used under Creative Commons from mrlaugh.


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