So, what are you wearing?

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According to the News Grid, Minnesota Public Radio’s 10 a.m. call in show is on “Green Fashion.”  Here’s the Grid’s blurb:

At 10 a.m., Midmorning looks at the environmental and social costs of disposable clothing, and how that’s leading some consumers to purchase more ecologically friendly threads. Marianne’s guests are: Julian Allwood, senior lecturer at the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University; Kyeann Sayer, freelance writer who covers the green fashion industry for the Web site She’s also a green branding consultant; and Jen Rapp, director of public relations for Patagonia.

It is safe to say that no one has ever called me fashionable.  But I have to wonder, can one be fashionable, which I would assume involves regular shopping to follow trends, but also environmentally conscience and perhaps therefore consume less?  Then again, my knickers must be made out of something… 

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