Press Statement: Governor’s veto defends wild rice, blocks special favors for sulfide ore mines

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May 30, 2018


Sara Wolff, Advocacy Director
Minnesota Environmental Partnership, 651-789-0651


This morning, Governor Mark Dayton announced his veto of the Wild Rice Bill, which would have taken Minnesota backward on protecting this important resource.

This bill would not have protected wild rice or set up a system of reasonable steps to do so in the future. It would have done nothing to invest in developing new technologies to clean up and prevent sulfate pollution in our waters. And it would have expressly allowed new industries like sulfide mining to add sulfate pollution without having to invest in implementing any sulfate control technologies. Under current law, new dischargers upstream of wild rice waters would have to control their sulfates.

This bill threatened water and wild rice resources that are important to all Minnesotans and especially critical to the culture and vitality of our state’s native communities.

“We thank Governor Dayton for his veto of this ill-conceived attempt to undermine wild rice protections in Minnesota,” said MEP Executive Director Steve Morse. “We should be continuing an inclusive conversation about how to leverage our resources to protect the future of our wild rice waters. By vetoing this bill, the Governor has ensured that we can continue to have that discussion and work toward a long-term solution.”


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