Obama’s Climate Legacy

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by Stephanie Spitzer

On Monday, January 21, President Barack Obama’s second term in office will begin, and the Sierra Club is launching its 100 Days of Action campaign. From the inauguration to Earth Day, we’ll be calling on President Obama to be a leader on climate and clean energy. The North Star Chapter launched the Minnesota campaign with Fresh Energy and others on Thursday at Common Roots Cafe with an open meeting to plan our 100 Days of Action events.


We filled up the back room at Common Roots with concerned citizens and representatives from environmental organizations, church groups, and more. With our range of attendees we had many events already planned and ideas to spread our message beyond Sierra Club members to the public.



Over bagels, muffins, and coffee, we put together a calendar of Minnesota’s 100 Days of Climate Action. Over the next 100 days, we’ll have a list of events and actions you can participate in to encourage President Obama to act. For instance, January 22nd and January 24th the Minnesota Senate is hosting hearings on climate change impacts. Or join Sierra Club’s Save the Ales Happy Hour on February 7th from 5-7pm at Eli’s in NE Minneapolis to write letters and meet like-minded people who want national action on climate and clean energy. Contact Jessica Tatro at jessica.tatro@sierraclub.org to add your climate or clean energy event to the calendar.


Most important, our launch got people excited about the environment and supporting President Obama to take action against climate change. As long as we keep the conversations about the climate going, the administration will see that we’re serious about addressing climate change, and we can get things done.


Join the movement in Minnesota in supporting action on climate! Send your message to Obama today.



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