MGRC Lobbyist Training Series: The Paper Blizzard at the Capitol

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MGRC has planned a series of training sessions to start the legislative session. The short programs are designed to assist new lobbyists with the major functions of the legislature, provide networking with legislative staff, and mentorship with your lobbying colleagues with a longer tenure.
The sessions are free and open to anyone that wants to participate, however we ask that you RSVP for the sessions that you plan to attend.

  • The Paper Blizzard at the Capitol
    Albin A. Mathiowetz, Chief Clerk of the Minnesota House of Representatives
    JoAnne Zoff, Secretary of the Minnesota Senate
    Scott Magnuson, Senate Information Services

    These three long-time legislative veterans will help us understand the blizzard of paperwork that moves between the House and Senate. We will learn the purpose of bill readings, engrossments, the House and Senate Journal, the formal process of making the law and how the public can gain information about the legislature.

RSVP online or contact the MGRC office.

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