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Okay, so I don’t remember my color wheel enough to know what you’d get if you mixed these two colors, but that’s not the point anyway.  For reason I quite frankly do not know, old stereotypes have it that folks clad in blaze orange are not supposed to get along with people deemed green, and vice versa.  While I could probably think of a few exceptions, I think the two crowds have more in common than not.  Most importantly, we all want cleaner lakes and rivers, protected natural areas, and healthy ecosystems. 

Here are a few recent examples from “traditional” and “new” media sources that demonstrate how we truly are all in this together. 

Commentary: Sportsmen, environmentalists unite to save outdoors
This is an opinion piece that has been popping up around Minnesota authored by the Minnesota Conservation Federation and Clean Water Action Alliance (here’s the link to it in the Bemidji Pioneer).  It clearly points out how our environmental problems facing Minnesota affect a wide range of interests and why it is important that we are united in achieving the solutions we need. 

The Green Sportsman: A Hunters Voice for Conservation
Field and Stream’s conservation editor writes this blog, which appears to be about 6 months old.  He’s got recent posts up about global warming and poaching, but a couple in particular I want to point out are “CRP in Peril” and “When Corn Kills Ducks.”

Gander Mountain buys in
Recognizing the threat of Global Warming – and doing something about it – Gander Mountain Sporting Goods company is buying renewable energy credits equivalent to their electrical use at stores in 5 states, including Minnesota.  It’s 17 million kilowatt hours for those keeping track.     

Outdoor News
For the past few year’s I’ve read Outdoor News, and I think they’ve done a lot to demonstrate how we are all in this together.  I am sure that Rob Drieslein, the editor, has taken flak for being both too green and not green enough, but they continue to provide strong coverage of policy debates at the capitol that matter to us all.  Now writer Joe Albert has a blog as well.  

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