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Designing for Minnesota’s Changing Climate (a mini series)

March 5, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Minnesota’s climate is changing. In fact, faster than most of the country. Spring floods, summer droughts, warmer nighttime temperatures, higher humidity, and extreme weather events are becoming common. Designing a sustainable landscape and home is becoming more challenging! Please join us as we explore Minnesota’s ecology, the changing conditions, and ways to design for these changes.

Ecological Context and Changing Conditions
Instructors: Steve Thomforde

All sites, regardless of scale, have an ecological context. This context has changed dramatically through the ages, having been shaped by geological processes, First Americans, the ice ages, European settlement, massive disruptions to natural systems, and more. Ecologist Steve Thomforde will provide a comprehensive overview of the history and present conditions in Minnesota, providing an essential context for effective Permaculture design. We will also discuss challenges and opportunities for positive change.


Bryant Lake Bowl
810 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408 United States