CSA Farming 101

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If you have ambitions of launching a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm anytime soon, or even if you’ve already started one and need some guidance now that the reality of raising food for other human beings has set in, an event being held next Thursday (June 25) is right up your alley.

Threshing Table Farm, just across the St. Croix in western Wisconsin, is hosting a Farm Beginnings field day on troubleshooting a CSA start-up. Mike and Jody Lenz are in their third year of doing the CSA thing, and have a lot of critical insights to share about what works, as well as what doesn’t work so well.

Just as importantly, Dan Guenthner and Mike Racette, two of the most veteran CSA farmers in the region (combined, they have over 30 years of CSA farming experience under their belts), will lead this workshop, providing more down-and-dirty, hands-on information than you can shake a garlic scape at.

I can’t emphasize enough how rare it is to have this much practical knowledge available in one place at one time on a working CSA farm. Click here for details.

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