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I haven’t had the habit of just throwing out a random assortment of links on this site yet, but apparently there is a first time for everything.

Mike Taylor, former solar guru for the state of Minnesota, has an interesting little analysis up on his blog, Solar Kismet, on the fact that Minnkota Power – a cooperative power company in northwestern Minnesota – is doing their darndest to cast doubt on global warming. 

Great Lakes Guy has distilled a revised book on sustainable water use practices in development down to 11 steps.

Google News sent me a link to a story in the News and Star, the web address of which is in the U.K.  Two things I learned from this article.  One, apparently the shores of Lake Superior are a good place to hideout if your a mobster.  And two, according to the first photo caption, Minnesota is the “capital of Wisconsin”.  I am not sure if that is a promotion or demotion.   

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