4 Reasons to Schedule your Give to the Max Day gift

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Schedule Your Gift for Give to the Max DayEach November, Minnesota celebrates giving back to our community on Give to the Max Day! This year, this annual day of giving is on Thursday, November 17. But you don’t have to wait until then to make your gift. You can schedule your gift now through November 16, and your gift will count toward our Give to the Max Day goals!

Like many people, you may be supporting several nonprofits on Give to the Max Day. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. That support is vitally important. Today, I want to give you 4 reasons to include the Minnesota Environmental Partnership in your Give to the Max Day giving, and schedule your gift today!

Reason #1: We won’t send you any emails on Give to the Max Day if you schedule your gift by November 16!

Repeat: We won’t send you ANY emails on Give to the Max Day! That’s right! We know that your email inbox is often flooded with messages on Give to the Max Day. We appreciate your early contribution and we want acknowledge it with a special thanks by staying out of your inbox. If you schedule your contribution ahead of November 17, we won’t send you any email on that day (except a THANK YOU!).

Reason #2: We’re Better Together!

You may have seen our message our campaign launch last month: Better Together. The Minnesota Environmental Partnership was founded by advocates who knew that we can do more together than we can alone. We are Better Together. I know you understand what’s at stake. Threats like sulfide mining near the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior, corporate farm pollution, declining pollinator populations, and more, threaten our natural landscapes and the Minnesota we want to pass down to our children and their children. But we can protect our best natural assets, if we work together.

Reason #3: The biggest challenges we face are in changing statewide policy

We need your help to keep up the pressure on critical issues for Minnesota’s Great Outdoors. Things like key bonding investments that would clean up some of our most polluted areas, and a transportation package that would include long-term investments in low and zero-emission options like transit and safe biking and walking.

Reason #4: We’re building game-changing solutions

From climate change and agricultural pollution, to threatened air quality and pollinator declines, these issues affect every person in Minnesota. The complex nature of the environmental problems we face today require innovative, collaborative solutions. At the Minnesota Environmental Partnership, our core strength is in bringing thousands of Minnesotans, like you, together with our diverse coalition of advocacy nonprofits to focus on the most pressing environmental concerns. With you by our side, we’re aligning existing, emerging, and new efforts to respond to complex challenges ahead.

With your support, we can bring together the energies and passions of the broad environmental and conservation sector into a single POWERFUL voice on all of these issues. We need your support now to take on the complex challenges we face today.

Schedule your Give to the Max Day gift to the Minnesota Environmental Partnership now!

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