Clean Energy

Minnesota Clean Energy and Jobs

Minnesota has taken great strides toward a sustainable energy economy, but there is much more we can do. We can scale up energy efficiency, saving more energy and creating jobs. We need to ensure Minnesotans get at least half of their electricity from clean renewable sources, like wind and solar, by 2030.

Minnesota has long been a leader in developing clean renewable energy, but in recent years we have fallen behind other states. Iowa has 40 percent more installed wind generation capacity than Minnesota and three times as many jobs in the wind industry. Minnesota is forty times larger than Delaware, yet the smaller state far surpasses us in installed solar capacity. Over the next two years, our state and utilities will make choices that will shape Minnesota’s energy system through 2030 and beyond. Taking the next steps today to promote efficiency and renewable energy will ensure family-supporting jobs, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and attainment of Minnesota’s carbon pollution reduction goals.

The Minnesota Clean Energy & Jobs Plan provides all Minnesotans with at least 50% of their electricity from renewable energy by 2030 and expands effective energy-efficiency programs that work.

Our 2014 priorities include:

  • Improving energy-efficiency opportunities for our schools;
  • Creating low-cost energy-efficiency financing tools for businesses; and
  • Simplifying and standardizing regulations governing design and installation of the systems to generate clean energy from renewable resources.

The Clean Energy & Jobs plan is the right thing to do for our state, now and for the future. It will create new clean energy jobs in the wind, solar and energy-efficiency markets and is a responsible “all inclusive” strategy for transitioning to clean, renewable energy production and use. This will protect Minnesota’s four seasons so our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy our Great Outdoors.