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Local Control & the Capitol’s Dangerous Double Standard

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Nice irony: when a key committee passed House File 389 last Wednesday, it was by a 9 to 5 vote, which is less than the two-thirds majority the bill imposes on local governments that want to enact a temporary freeze on major development—the kind of development that can change a community forever. Apparently, some legislators… Read more »

First on the Agenda Thursday: Weaken Local Control

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Well, that didn’t take long. Tomorrow, at the very first meeting of the Minnesota House Government Operations and Elections Committee, lawmakers will take up House File 389, which weakens township, county and city local control. This legislation needs to be stopped before it even gets out of the starting gate. For details on how to… Read more »

People Power Keeps Local Control Strong

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By Bobby King, Land Stewardship Project The 2011 Minnesota legislative session ended at midnight on May 23 with township rights and local control strong in Minnesota—a testament to how seriously this state’s farmers and other rural citizens value their right to determine the future of the communities they live in. Recommend on Facebook Share on… Read more »

Time to Drive a Stake Through Anti-Local Control Bill

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Like a monster in a B movie, this is the bill that just won’t die. Despite strong public opposition, Senate File 270, which weakens township local control of factory farms and other large scale developments, passed the Minnesota Senate Local Government Committee late in the evening of April 27. With all the last-minute, behind-the-scenes shenanigans… Read more »