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Why an EIS for Riverview Baker Dairy? Too Little Water, Too Much Manure

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When Renville County dairy farmer James Kanne addressed a Minnesota Senate hearing on environmental review Jan. 29, he made it clear that size does matter when it comes to assessing the impact of an agricultural operation on the land and community. “If you have 50 cows in one spot, they have a small impact,” Kanne… Read more »

In Historical Move, MPCA Orders EIS on Proposed Factory Farm

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By Paul Sobocinski, Land Stewardship Project The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Citizens’ Board ruled this week that Riverview LLP’s proposed 8,850-cow dairy operation in Stevens County must undergo an in-depth Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). To my knowledge, this is the first time that the MPCA has ordered an EIS of a factory farm. This is… Read more »

Comment Period on Winona County Frac Sand Review Extended to Feb. 6

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By Johanna Rupprecht, Land Stewardship Project The process of environmental review for frac sand mine proposals in Winona County has been seriously flawed from the start. But there’s still time for citizens to get involved and push for an in-depth, comprehensive review—otherwise known as an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)—that would show the full impacts these… Read more »

The Environmental Review Express

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In the Legislature’s rush to “streamline” environmental review with proposals like House File 1, there’s a lot of talk about how such a measure would benefit “constituents” around the state. But one key constituent seems to have been pushed aside by all the feel-good rhetoric about creating jobs: the farmers and other rural residents who… Read more »