Senior Project Analyst

Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR)

Location: St. Paul

Reports to: LCCMR Director

Primary Objective: To assist the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota (LCCMR) with its proposal and funding process and its project oversight responsibilities by developing and
enhancing information through research, work program and natural resource analysis and evaluation (See M.S. 116P).

Responsibilities & Tasks, Estimated % of time

1. 35% PLAN – Strategic planning for Minnesota natural resource expenditures, primarily from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF).

  • Research and analysis of emerging and current natural resource issues in Minnesota and other regions.*
  • Develop activities and background for LCCMR members, legislators and other legislative staff to understand natural resource issues.
  • Develop and participate in field fact-finding trips, program reviews, hearings, interviews and presentations by natural resource experts; summarize and analyze findings.
  • Design strategic planning process for LCCMR members for  expenditures of funds.
  • Draft strategic plan.*
  • Consult with agency staff, university researchers, and other outside advisors for background information and presentations to the LCCMR.
  • Assist in planning and conducting information sessions for citizens and legislators.
  • Assist with content for official website and various communication methods.
  • Analyze project information using an understanding of various state, local, and federal government programs, plans, laws, rules, and administration.*
  • Provide research data, project data, and programmatic information and analysis for members.*
  • Staff the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) (includes development of agendas and activities) and assist in issue analysis and summarizing and analyzing outcomes.
  • Track related legislative issues on a state and national level.

2. 20% ALLOCATE. Assist the LCCMR in making recommendation for $60 million (current) annually for natural resource projects statewide, using various funding sources, primarily from the ENRTF.

  • Determine form and content for the Request for Proposal (RFP) based on the strategic planning.*
  • Assist potential proposers in development of ideas and proposals to LCCMR.
  • Develop and participate in proposal review process for over 250 (current) proposals per year by staff with criteria adopted by LCCMR.*
  • Design and facilitate proposal review, hearing, and selection process for LCCMR members.*
  • Conduct additional research into natural resource problems and programmatic solutions.
  • Assist LCCMR members and the legislature, with direction from director, as well as general public and interest groups, agency staff, and media to understand the LCCMR process and related legislative process.
  • Assist in development, drafting, and review of appropriation language, amendments, and recommended ENRTF appropriations bill.*
  • Assist in guiding the recommendations of the LCCMR through the legislative process – including possible testimony before standing committees.*

3. 30% MONITOR – Monitor all funded projects (currently >300 projects ranging from $30k to $13.5m) to evaluate progress, ensure fiscal compliance & outcomes achieved, and glean findings for future planning and policy consideration.

  • Recruit, convene and staff a national scientifically qualified peer review panel to comment on and improve research projects. Negotiate needs and changes with project proposers.*
  • Assist project managers in developing their work plans for presentation to and approval by the LCCMR. *
  • Monitor projects and work plans on a regular basis to evaluate progress, fiscal compliance, achievement of outcomes, and to gather findings
  • Communicate with project managers and others in the field in order to assess progress, help the project be successful, and to provide understandable and useful project status reports.*
  • Consult with executive branch liaisons and grants management staff on collaborative efforts and project oversight.
  • Facilitate discussion and solutions relating to project budget or performance issues; develop recommendations for any LCCMR staff or commission action needed.
  • Understand and apply knowledge of fiscal and administrative procedures across the spectrum of entities including state, local, federal, University, and private nonprofits.
  • Assist in project monitoring process improvement, including work plan reporting procedures, conducting assessments and site visits, collecting and analyzing data, documenting results, identifying and discussing implications of projects, identifying issues, recognizing and solving problems.*
  • Report on project results to LCCMR members, legislature, general public and interest groups, agency staff, and media.*

4. 15% Administration– Assist with office administration, including grants management system.

  • Contribute to planning and execution of commission meeting activities.*
  • Assist in staff recruitment.
  • Assist in the development of the administrative budget for the work of the LCCMR.
  • Assist with program and financial audits.
  • Assist with managing grants management system vendor services for development, implementation, and maintenance of the system.*
  • Assist with implementation of grant management system training for staff, members, project managers, and proposers.*

5. All of the above activities are conducted with a team approach with primary responsibility shifting depending on the resource issue, timing, etc.

Performance Indicators:

  • Completion of tasks assigned
  • Initiative to carry out above work
  • LCCMR members participating in the process to the best of their ability to enhance statewide natural resource expenditures and outcomes
  • Project proposers and managers being able to complete the objectives of their projects and communicate their achievements
  • Identification and successful resolution of any monitoring and compliance issues
  • Compliance with LCCMR policies, standards, and procedures

Budget Responsibility:
For the upcoming year, the staff is responsible for general oversight of LCCMR projects totaling approximately $180 million. Direct administrative budget is for the peer review process ($16,000
for the biennium).

Supervisor Responsibility: None

Indirect Supervision: Interns and/or student workers. Possible supervision of additional staff in the absence of the director.

Scope of Relationships

  • Regular contact with: State, local and regional agency staff (all levels of government) project managers (private and public agencies), legislative members and staff, general
    public, lobbyists.
  • Regular contact with project managers on project oversight.
  • Respond to inquiries; provide material for committees related to the LCCMR activities and recommendations.
  • Specific committee contacts: Environment Policy and Finance of both houses.

Decision Making & Impact of Error
A high level of autonomy based on knowledge of task and issues. Responsibilities are usually assigned and discussed as a team. Decisions or actions are relayed or reported to other staff as
appropriate. Final decisions and review made by the director.

Impact of error is credibility and ability to perform in the future. Error is dealt with and resolved to avoid unnecessary consequences.

Working Conditions/Physical Demands
Generally normal office. Long all day and into evening meetings are also required. Field trips and site visits around the state are required. Field work ranges from long driving, often with two or more overnight out of town stays, to boating, canoeing, challenging walking in forested or wetland conditions, and clambering around construction sites. Loading of vans with heavy notebooks and other field equipment needs.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences, natural resources, or a related field and five years of relevant experience or Master’s equivalent degree and three years progressively responsible professional work in public or private sector natural resource management or research and administration
  • Demonstrated knowledge of environment and natural resources management.
  • Demonstrated experience in program and project planning and management
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively
  • Ability to keep apprised of emerging natural resource issues, industry and technology
  • Ability to analyze complex, technical aspects of natural resource issues and make recommendations on competing interests. Issues range from scientific research to trail building
  • Must be able to read scientific and technical reports and identify critical take-aways.
  • Ability to work in a nonpartisan manner in a political atmosphere
  • Ability to work in a confidential manner
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and adapt to competing demands in a constantly changing environment
  • Strong computer skills and demonstrated competency using MS Excel and Word.
  • Strong customer service and organizational skills
  • Strong problem solving skills and ability to pay attention to detail

Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of government planning, budgeting
  • Experience working in the legislative process
  • Experience with strategic planning
  • Experience reviewing and evaluating grant proposals
  • Experience with academic research
  • Experience using Microsoft Access
  • Knowledge and skill with website administration and basic HTML.
  • Conflict management and facilitation skills

*Denotes Essential functions under the ADA, or a related field and five years of relevant experience.

This is an unclassified, non-partisan, full-time, benefits-eligible position. The recruitment salary range is $68,000- $83,000; starting salary will be commensurate with skills and experience. A complete position description is available at or call 651.296.0099 to request a copy. For more information regarding LCCMR go to:

Submit resume and cover letter that must be received by Monday, October 28, 2019 via email to: or mail to: LCCMR Sr. Project Analyst Search Committee, Legislative Coordinating Commission, 72 State Office Building St. Paul, MN 55155.