Education Program Supervisor

Minnesota Trout Unlimited

Location: Primarily Twin cities, but also statewide

Reports To: Chair, Minnesota Trout Unlimited

About Minnesota Trout Unlimited
Minnesota Trout Unlimited (MNTU) is a grassroots nonprofit conservation organization whose mission is to protect, restore and sustain coldwater fisheries, watersheds and aquifers in Minnesota and the region.

Position Summary
Minnesota Trout Unlimited is looking for a talented and self-motivated individual to supervise and manage its environmental/outdoor education program, “Connecting Students with Water Stewardship through Hands-on Learning”, in Minnesota schools. Classrooms will be located primarily in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, but also in southeast Minnesota and statewide.

The purpose of Minnesota Trout Unlimited’s program is to help make students in grades 5-12, as well as their teachers, aware of the importance of water quality, aquatic biology, groundwater systems, watershed management and stewardship issues in the context of coldwater aquatic ecosystems in Minnesota. This is accomplished through a series of outdoor field trips, in school (classroom) programming, utilization of the Trout in the Classroom (TIC) aquarium program, a student summit, and outdoor recreation opportunities. The TIC component involves a classroom project of raising trout from eggs to fingerlings to learn about the relationships between clean water, trout, the environment and people. For ease of communication, the overall education program will be referred to in this document as “Minnesota TIC”. The Education Program Supervisor is a contracted position. There is no paid overtime, as it is “exempt” from overtime requirements. Contractor will be supervised by MNTU’s Chair, with assistance from MNTU’s Education Committee. Contractor will be responsible for interviewing and assisting with the hiring other contractors, managing, developing, coordinating, implementing and evaluating a variety of educational resources and programs for students and teachers within Minnesota.

Participating classrooms are located primarily in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, but also in southeast Minnesota and statewide. Teacher trainings will be in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. The Supervisor will be working out of his or her home office.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Create, organize, develop, implement and evaluate activities described in the plan as needed in providing the Minnesota TIC program in Minnesota schools to students ranging from 5th -12th grades, and to their families.
• Supervise and manage the Environmental Educators and Fishing Skills Environmental Educators.
• Plan, develop and maintain partnerships with organizations and agencies to promote water resource education and trout habitat education.
• Ensure the Minnesota TIC program is consistent with state standards and objectives for environmental education and science.
• Manage and create materials for the statewide Minnesota TIC teacher training workshop and overall Minnesota TIC program structure.
• Create and manage an aquatic recreation program for students and their families, primarily for the summer months, but also for school year weekends and possibly evenings.
• Oversee procurement of equipment and supplies by the other contractors to ensure compliance with grant and MNTU procurement requirements.
• Review all invoices and requests for reimbursement to ensure that they are ready for submittal to TU and/or the State.
• Prepare reports as directed by the MNTU Executive Director to meet state grant requirements.
• Design and implement assessment measures to demonstrate this program’s impact on student conservation knowledge.
• Monitor and assess program to assure efficient use of funds and to maximize benefits. Maintain accurate cost accounting and budgetary practices. Conclude projects with appropriate completion of reports and documents.
• Review and approve social media and website posts drafted by  Environmental Educators and Fishing Skills Environmental Educators.
• Perform additional job-related duties as needed.

Minimum Job Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree, preferably in outdoor education, ecology, or science.
• Professional experience with education of students in grades 5-12 in traditional and nontraditional settings.
• Past participation and professional training experience in outdoor education training for teachers, such as Project Wild, Project Wet, Project Learning Tree or similar programs.
• Professional experience in fishing education.
• Experience in large-scale educational program management, design, and
• Fluency in Microsoft Office suite of applications and use of social media.
• Team player with a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and excellent social skills.
• Ability to multi-task and work independently.
• Excellent organizational and planning skills.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including public speaking experience.
• Valid drivers’ license and use of a personal vehicle (mileage reimbursement provided).

Additional Desirable Skills and Experience
• Working knowledge of fish habitat, ecology and water related education
• Experience in interpretive teaching, curriculum development, workshop
organization, and training and instruction skills.
• Experience developing and implementing environmental education programs for students in grades 5 to 12.
• Experience in fishing skills education and angler recruitment & retention
• Knowledge of Trout Unlimited’s mission, goals, operating structure, methods, and ongoing work.

This is an independent contractor position. Compensation level will be negotiated based upon qualifications and experience. The contract will authorize a maximum number of hours per 12 month period (July 1 to June 30) and be renewable for the second and third years. It is anticipated that the level of effort needed to perform the job will be between 24 and 40 hours per week in July and August, decrease through October, and require an average of no more than 5 hours per week from November
through March. The amount of time needed will increase again in April and May, and again require 20 or more hours per week in June.

How to Apply
Please send your cover letter and resume to John Lenczewski, MNTU Executive Director, at Please identify your e-mail by giving it the subject “MNTU Education Supervisor”

Applications are due by June 27, 2018.

No phone calls, please.