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Coalition to Congressional Delegation: Incorporate Minnesota principles into Farm Bill

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Thirty-six organizations recently sent a letter to Minnesota’s Congressional delegation asking for their support in helping Minnesota through parts of the Federal Farm Bill. Read the full letter here (pdf). Excerpt from the letter: Recommend on Facebook Share on google plus Tweet about it

Our Green Heroes

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Timberwolves team president Chris Wright and Twolves mascot Crunch presented Merlene and Jim Stiles with an autographed team picture during their halftime recognition. On April 9, 2012, the Minnesota Environmental Partnership was honored at the Minnesota Timberwolves game as part of their ‘Think Green Month.’ We were able to salute a few of MEP’s key… Read more »

Crop Insurance: A Safety Net Becomes a Threat

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When it comes to the crop insurance sweepstakes, southwest Minnesota farmer Darwyn Bach is a winner. But he concedes that his good fortune presents a quandary, since the way the program is implemented these days creates significant losers: the soil, beginning farmers and Main Street businesses that suffer when the number of families in a… Read more »

MPCA Deliberates on Haze Pollution

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) held a special Citizens’ Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 27, to decide their plan to address haze pollution in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Voyageurs National Park, and Is…

Anti-Local Control Bill Fails in Senate; Now Let Lawmakers Know it Should be a Dead Issue

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By Bobby King, Land Stewardship Project Last week the bill weakening local control, Senate File 270, came up on the Senate floor, met with strong opposition, and failed to pass. This is significant for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that the bill was given the thumbs down even after key… Read more »

Omnibus Environmental Policy Bill contains too many bad provisions

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By Steve Morse, Executive Director Our coalition is disappointed today that the Minnesota House passed the Omnibus Environmental Bill (H.F. 2164) without addressing the some serious problems identified by our nonprofit members and Governor Dayton’s agencies. Troubling provisions of this bill include: Loss of wetlands Instead of following the current Wetland Conservation Act that replaces… Read more »

Solar bonding saves the public money

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Energy issues have not received as much attention as the Vikings Stadium or the constitutional amendments this session, but there have been attempts at rollbacks to our Renewable Energy Standard.  There is still an opportunity to move forward on clean energy with the inclusion of solar in the bonding bill. The House version of the… Read more »

Clean your boats: Minnesotans get it, why doesn’t the EPA?

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“Pick It or Ticket.” That’s a tortured line of poetry, but it sums up the message the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is sending to Minnesota boaters. When you trailer your boat from one lake to another, you have to clean it thoroughly. Otherwise, you could be transporting aquatic invasive species like zebra mussels or… Read more »

The Fight for Local Control Goes Local; Anti-Local Control Bill Passes off MN House Floor

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By Bobby King, Land Stewardship Project Some lawmakers in St. Paul are turning a deaf ear to an important fact: local control is a key tool for Minnesota cities, townships and counties seeking to create a positive future for their communities. That’s why local officials are cranking up the volume a bit by signing letters,… Read more »