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Battling Diabetes on the Street & in the Garden

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One can almost detect the longing in Denise Crews’ voice when she describes what foods she misses the most since she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. “The hardest thing to give up was the fried chicken—Popeyes, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their biscuits. The grease,” Crews told me during a recent LSP podcast interview at a… Read more »

Rolling Our Land To Death

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I sat in a farmhouse one afternoon last month as a hot wind lifted rich topsoil from surrounding fields. On the drive in, I’d noticed a surprising amount of rill erosion on newly tilled cropland—surprising because recent rains had not been all that intense and the fields were not unusually steep. Out of the blue… Read more »

As Senate Farm Bill Heads to Vote Next Week, Now’s the Time to Reform Crop Insurance

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By Adam Warthesen, Land Stewardship Project— Well, this is it. The Senate Ag Committee’s version of the 2012 Farm Bill is up for a floor vote the week of June 4, and boy does it need an overhaul before it’s finalized. The biggest area in need of reform is the massive giveaway of $95 billion… Read more »

Diverse Coalition Urges Farm Operators To Do Their Fair Share to Clean Up Rivers

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St. Paul, MN (May 29, 2012) – A unique coalition of Minnesota cities, conservation groups and farm and business representatives today called upon the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to hold farm operators accountable for cleaning up their share of run-off pollution flowing into the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. Standing in front of the Minnesota Pollution… Read more »

Minnesota Youth Environmental Network Ready to Take Off!

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Written by Christy Newell, Research Assistant, Emerging Leaders Program The Minnesota Youth Environmental Network recently hosted the First Annual Spring Gathering, bringing youth leaders from across the state together to connect, learn new skills, and share stories about the work our generation is doing to create a sustainable future. “We must create new organizational structures… Read more »