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MEP and members urge agreement on bonding

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Minnesota Environmental Partnership and our member groups delivered the following letter to Governor Dayton and Legislative leaders calling for the Legislature to reach an agreement with the Governor on a bonding package that includes the full $210 million in funding for key priorities for our Great Outdoors. Read the full text of the letter below:… Read more »

Legislative Session brings progress, disappointments for Minnesota’s Great Outdoors

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May 23, 2016 (Saint Paul, Minn) — As the 2016 Legislative Session adjourned late Sunday night, it’s clear that the outcomes of this Session will be marked by some steps forward, but also missed opportunities for Minnesota’s beloved Great Outdoors. “When we ask our fellow Minnesotans what they value most about our state, they talk… Read more »

Forever Green, Forever Clean

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Clean water is a Minnesotan value. We all have our favorite body of water that we escape to, whether it’s the Mississippi River running through the Twin Cities or an isolated lake in the Boundary Waters. The connections we as Minnesotans feel to our water is something that unites us all. Just as we treasure… Read more »

MEP and members urge Governor Dayton to vote NO on Waukesha diversion proposal

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Minnesota Environmental Partnership and our member groups delivered the following letter to Governor Dayton urging him vote no on the Waukesha proposal to divert water from Great Lakes. Dear Governor Dayton, On behalf of the undersigned conservation and environmental organizations and their tens of thousands of Minnesota citizen-members, I am writing to express our shared concern… Read more »

Should Governor Dayton give away Duluth’s greatest competitive advantage?

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As a 25-year resident of Duluth, I’ve grown pretty attached to this region and its unique blend of natural and cultural resources. I’ve accepted the trade-off of fewer professional opportunities for far better recreational opportunities. This has been called Duluth’s “scenery tax”: Duluthians give up money in order to live in a beautiful place. Duluth’s… Read more »

MN Environmental Partnership Statement on DNR PolyMet Determination

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Saint Paul, Minn., March 3, 2016 — Earlier today, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) released its Determination of Adequacy on the PolyMet sulfide mining project in northern Minnesota. In November PolyMet submitted its final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), followed by a 30 public comment period. While the results of that public comment period… Read more »

Dear Governor Dayton: Protect the Great Lakes

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MEP’s Northeast Coordinator, Andrew Slade, writes the following fictitious letter to Governor Dayton explaining why he should reject Waukesha’s bid to withdraw water from Lake Michigan.  Under the Great Lakes Compact, all diversions of Great Lakes water are banned.  An exemption to this ban may be requested only if the community has shown a need… Read more »

Caucus for the Environment in 2016 – Here’s How

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Minnesota’s DFL and Republican parties have set March 1 as the date for their 2016 precinct caucuses. March 1 is “Super Tuesday,” the day when several other states hold their primary elections and caucuses. Precinct caucuses allow voters to cast their ballot for the candidates they want to see on the ballot in November. It’s… Read more »

U.S. Bank: Fund Solutions, Not Pollution

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U.S. Bank likes to think of itself as an ethical bank that takes climate change seriously, yet they continue to provide billions of dollars in financing to the coal and oil industries, as outlined Financing Climate Chaos a report released in October, 2015. This includes extensive financing for Enbridge Energy, the company behind the Alberta… Read more »

Minnesota’s Own Water Crisis

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The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has many across the state worried that a similar situation could impact Minnesota. Like many states across the country, Minnesota has an aging water infrastructure system, one that Governor Dayton has targeted for repairs and upgrades as part of his 2016 Bonding Request. While high lead levels are unlikely to pop… Read more »