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Election night results

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Thanks to some hard working folks at Minnesota Public Radio, you will be able to find election results here on Loon Commons as they are being reported out from the Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday night.  Perhaps you’ve already noticed the reporting box on the left side of the page.  The results will be updated automatically,… Read more »

Sandhill Cranes

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Most anyone who has talked to me for more than five minutes knows that I grew up in Colorado. Well, I just returned to Minnesota from a trip to my motherland and I thought I’d share a few photos. In particular, I had the chance to visit my cousins in the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado, where Sandhill cranes are currently migrating through. These three feet tall birds are really something to see.

LCCMR delivers Water Conservation RFP

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In its most recent meeting on October 12, the LCCMR continues to struggle with the myriad issues involved in determining how to make legislative recommendations as to the amount of monies put toward natural resource projects, and what exactly those projects may encompass. The day-long meeting adjourned with some progress – and a share of… Read more »

a little bit of this and that

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I haven’t had the habit of just throwing out a random assortment of links on this site yet, but apparently there is a first time for everything. Mike Taylor, former solar guru for the state of Minnesota, has an interesting little analysis up on his blog, Solar Kismet, on the fact that Minnkota Power – a… Read more »

Legality of the Transportation Amendment challenged

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Today 13 people, including four state legislators, filed a legal challenge to the Transportation Amendment that is slated to appear on Minnesota ballots this November.  The four legislators are Rep. Dan Dorman (R-Albert Lea), Rep. Morrie Lanning (R-Moorhead), Rep. Tom Rukavina (DFL-Virginia), and Sen. Keith Langseth (DFL-Glyndon).  Their argument?  If I might distill it for you, the words… Read more »

Water Propheting

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Lame attempt at a clever headline?  Yes.  But that doesn’t make the topic of privatizing water and the people who talk about it any less important (though the expression “privatizing water” doesn’t exactly make it sexy either). The cover issue of this week’s Pulse Magazine is all about bottled water and the commodification of a public good.  It… Read more »


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The blog Sky Blue Waters has a nice little write up on MEP member group Southeastern Minnesotans for Environmental Protection (SEMEP), which includes a long list of successes for this relatively young grassroots group.