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Newly Announced Conservation Legacy Council: What Is It?

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We’ve got the Legislative Citizens Committee on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) and in August Governor Pawlenty signed an executive order creating the Conservation Legacy Council (CLC). The LCCMR comprises 10 legislative representatives and seven citizen members; CLC comprises 11 citizens nominated by the governor and four legislative representatives. All this seems to beg the question: Do… Read more »

LCCMR Returns With Large Agenda

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After a nearly month-long break, the LCCMR met at Fort Snelling State Park on November 28 to review water RFPs received, build the committee’s upcoming calendar, take in a few presentations and begin getting down to the brass tacks of determining what funding recommendations the committee will make to the legislature next year.

If the environmental budget falls in the forest…

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The Minnesota Department of Finance has released their latest budget forcast for Minnesota’s government.  Essentially, these folks make an educated estimate of how tax revenues are coming in, how government spending is proceeding, and comparing all of that to the budget that lawmakers set in 2005 and updated last May.  This info will then be used… Read more »

It’s been like policy-wonk heaven

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The days since the election have been bountiful with the periodic release of new tidbits of information on the upcoming legislature.  This of course creates a great opportunity for policy wonks to discuss what that means for their causes – in our case a clean and healthy environment.  Since I’ve been able to be a part of some of these conversation,… Read more »

manure and water

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I have been wondering lately what kind of conversations are going on inside the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) about animal waste. Admittedly, not a topic I spend a lot of time thinking about, but they’ve been giving me reason to the past couple of weeks.