Smart Investments

MoveMN – Comprehensive, balanced statewide funding for transportation

Minnesota’s transportation system needs immediate attention to expand public transit, better connect Minnesotans by bicycling and walking, and fix our congested aging roads and deficient bridges. A balanced, comprehensive approach will fund improved transportation options and ensure that existing infrastructure is kept in good repair. Investing in transportation will generate new economic development opportunities throughout Minnesota, retain and attract a talented workforce, create immediate jobs and keep Minnesota moving and economically competitive.

It’s time for the Minnesota Legislature to address our growing transportation deficit by passing a comprehensive $750 million per-year transportation funding package in 2014. The package should require additional transparency and efficiency for current resources and address needs in all modes: transit, bike routes and pedestrian connections, and roads and bridges.

We support:

  • Expanded local bus service and build-out of light rail, bus rapid transit and street car routes in the metro area;
  • 250 new bus routes across 64 operating systems in Greater Minnesota, including expanded service hours;
  • In the metro and statewide, additional bicycle routes and safe, accessible pedestrian connections, serving seniors, people with disabilities and children getting to school; and
  • Funds to address the growing backlog of deficient bridges and to repair the state’s extensive road network.

Defending Minnesota’s Environmental Foundation

Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, streams, forests and natural areas don’t just take care of themselves. Strong, common sense environmental laws safeguard our Great Outdoors, preventing pollution, requiring needed cleanup and ensuring careful review of plans that impact our air, land and water.

As we move forward with our priority issues, we will continue to defend these existing laws from being weakened or repealed. These include:

  • Minnesota Environmental Policy Act
  • Community and Township Rights
  • Public Land Protections
  • Clean Energy
  • Safeguarding Our Legacy

In 2014, we will work to ensure capital investments for Minnesota’s Great Outdoors are maintained with a bonding bill that includes at least the traditional amounts of funding. According to the state’s Legacy Constitutional Amendment, “money under this section must supplement traditional sources of funding for these purposes and may not be used as a substitute.” Maintaining the traditional levels of at least 22% bonding toward environment and conservation investments is what Minnesotans expect and deserve.

Minnesota Environmental Partnership is committed to watch-dogging our environmental laws, promoting rigorous enforcement and shining a light on any rollback attempts or short-sighted backroom deals that undermine the policies that keep our state clean.