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Broadband For All: Supporting Sustainable Development in Greater MN

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This issue is perhaps a little unexpected, coming from us. Why would I take time on Earth Day to tell you about broadband development and environmentalism? It’s very important.   It’s 2016, and there are still many parts of rural Minnesota without access to the internet. According to the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband, 20% of… Read more »

MEP and members urge Governor Dayton to vote NO on Waukesha diversion proposal

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Minnesota Environmental Partnership and our member groups delivered the following letter to Governor Dayton urging him vote no on the Waukesha proposal to divert water from Great Lakes. Dear Governor Dayton, On behalf of the undersigned conservation and environmental organizations and their tens of thousands of Minnesota citizen-members, I am writing to express our shared concern… Read more »

Statement for the Senate Environment and Energy Policy Committee: Reinstatement of MPCA Citizens’ Board

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On March 10, 2016, League of Women Voters member Kathleen Doran-Norton delivered the below prepared testimony regarding the reinstatement of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Citizens’ Board. In her testimony, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining the presence of transparency, accountability, and citizen involvement in state decision making processes.   Statement for the Senate Environment and Energy Policy Committee… Read more »

Should Governor Dayton give away Duluth’s greatest competitive advantage?

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As a 25-year resident of Duluth, I’ve grown pretty attached to this region and its unique blend of natural and cultural resources. I’ve accepted the trade-off of fewer professional opportunities for far better recreational opportunities. This has been called Duluth’s “scenery tax”: Duluthians give up money in order to live in a beautiful place. Duluth’s… Read more »

Real Analysis of PolyMet Sulfide Mine Project Starts Today – Speak Up to Oppose Permits

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What did you expect? This week, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) said their own PolyMet Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was “adequate.” If asked to grade their own papers, how many middle schoolers would say they should get an “F”? In his discussion with the press right after the MDNR’s announcement, Governor Mark… Read more »

PolyMet Mine will be disastrous for Minnesota’s Arrowhead Region

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On February 27, 2016, Governor Dayton hosted a Water Summit, at which he urged us to establish an ethic of clean water practices. “This should be our ethic and every Minnesotan’s responsibility, and anything less is unacceptable.”  Five days later, on March 3, DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr, who was appointed to that position by Governor… Read more »

Dear Governor Dayton: Protect the Great Lakes

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MEP’s Northeast Coordinator, Andrew Slade, writes the following fictitious letter to Governor Dayton explaining why he should reject Waukesha’s bid to withdraw water from Lake Michigan.  Under the Great Lakes Compact, all diversions of Great Lakes water are banned.  An exemption to this ban may be requested only if the community has shown a need… Read more »